1) Working out is one of the few things I’ve always enjoyed. So choosing training as a career was not a hard decision for me. Helping clients achieve their goals can be rewarding and fulfilling. I work with clients ranging in age from pre-teens to older adults and while their goals varies, it’s always good to help in providing them with a sense of accomplishment.

2) Working with Fit 4 Life is a unique experience for clients. I’m able to tune into each client and choose exercises and exercise formats that works best with their current capabilities while pushing them to gain grounds they never had before or lost at some point in the past.

3) I extend a free session to all first time start-up clients to give them an idea of what it’s like to train with me. Working with a trainer is a new experience for some and with others it can be a matter of finding a trainer that can rely in and work well with. Not having an obligation while getting some perspective on my training services makes the plunge to get started easier for new clients.

4) Our services is in weight loss, toning, functional training, athletic training, teen athletic training,strength training, and clients with sensitive needs or post rehab patients.

5) Working out takes motivation and the more your exercise program is custom to you, The more you’re likely to stick with it. We don’t use cookie-cutter programs. Aside from the goals that clients want, we are able to also identify what the client needs which in turn helps them with the goals they want. Fit 4 Life experience is a well rounded program that is designed to make you sound and stronger.

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